Were We Beleive Childen Are A Blessing From The Lord.
We Love Children

We care for children like they are our own

 Destiny’s Child Christian Academy endeavors to provide a warm, nurturing, stimulating, and safe environment that offers a Christian and educational based, enriching program for children to develop and grow. We will present a Christian based educational, culturally diverse curriculum, free from discrimination. Specifically, we will foster the development of the whole child in a biblical format while providing personal, social motor learning, intellectual and language development. We put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.  At Destiny’s Child Christian Academy our programs will integrate character development standards into daily operations. Children will be allowed opportunities for prayer prior to meals and snack.
Destiny’s Child Christian Academy is designed to encourage children to build healthy, happy attitudes and to acquire competencies and skills through a variety of work and play experiences.  Destiny’s Child Christian Academy is a licensed group childcare that is sole proprietorship.  Its staff consists of Director, teachers and support staff.  The maximum number of children enrolled at one time will be 20. 
Destiny’s Child Christian Academy will provide care for children ages 2 weeks-12years. We offer structured activites and we beleive that structure is important in a child day. We give children the oppurtunity to explore activites, toys and material in his or her own way. We value individuality and we strive to convey to children that they are valuable and impotant just the way they are. We flourish when surrounded by creative oppurtunties. We provide big blocks, magna-blocks, legeo table, sand and water activies extraordinaire, in order to provide them with wonderful sensory stimulation.